Our locations

With our more than 110 employees in whole Taiwan, we are accepting resource recyclables and waste all the way from Kaohsiung to Taipei. In addition to our head office in Taipei, we serve customers from all regions in our plastic recycling plant in Nantou and our industrial service plant in Taoyuan.

REMONDIS' business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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When we started our industrial service business in Taiwan, we were the first company to introduce the hazardous waste solidification technology to Taiwan. With our plant in Taoyuan, we have the Class A Waste Removal Permit and the Class A Disposal Permit to collect and treat 1,800 tons of unrecyclable waste, including heavy metal sludges, fly ash or contaminated soil each month. With our own laboratory and vast experience in the field of sludge treatment, we are able to convert these highly hazardous wastes into a stable and non-hazardous commodity which does not pose any harm to the environment anymore.

Collection & treatment of

  • wastewater sludge
  • fly ash
  • inorganic heavy metal sludge (lead, cadmium, chromium, copper, zinc, mercury, arsenic, nickel, hexavalent chromium)
  • contaminated soil from illegal dumping sides

What do we offer?

What our customers love about our service? Our unbeatable flexibility. How did we create this feeling? Our motto is to serve every customer as quick and worry-free as possible, no matter how big or small.

One hand

At REMONDIS Taiwan, we are one of the few companies in Taiwan which offer collection and treatment of sludge out of one hand.

Flexible collection

With the operation of our own truck fleet, our main goal is to stay as flexible as possible. So that we can pick up your sludge as quick as possible. Because we know that sometimes it can get urgent. We are proud of our collection fleet which contains trucks between 6 and 17 tons.

No matter how much

From 1 kg/m all the way up to 100 t/m, we come to your facility to take away what is only taking up space during your operation.

Faster than the rest

We are not only offering high flexibility in collection volumes, we also guarantee that we are one of the fastest. No matter what volume you are having, we are always making sure to pick up your sludge as soon as possible. Therefore, you can get back to business faster.

EPA registration support

Managing your waste is our passion and day-today business. We know the rules line by line but we also know that this is not your main business. We want to let you participate from our experience and that is why we are offering our loyal customers to guide you through the hazardous waste registration process at the EPA. A simplified guideline you can find below. For the details, our motivated sales team will guide you through the exact process.

EPA waste registration flow

Contact our sales team now to get a quotation for your sludge collection: +886 2768 8366 or Email

Our Process


Client registers collection of industrial waste through phone, eMail, Fax, Line

REMONDIS Taiwan confirms the pickup time, and the client registers the preclearance in the EPA system

The clearance and transportation truck equipped with GPS tracker arrives at client’s facilities

Confirm the content of industrial waste and load it on the vehicle (use forklift)

Cover with tarpaulin

Confirm the amount and weigh the industrial waste (use lifting scale and truck scale), confirm the date and time of clearance time, sign, and mark on the EPA manifest

Transport waste to REMONDIS Taiwan, Taoyuan plant


Truck arrives at Taoyuan plant

Accept industrial waste, then sign and accept EPA delivery manifest

Unload after checking the quality and quantity in our own laboratory

Sampling and storage

Online reporting on Industrial Waste Report and Management System

Waste codes


Inorganic sludge


Wastewater treatment sludge for producing chlorine by mercury electrode method


Washing waste solvents and sludge, waste alkali and sludge, waste liquid and sludge in containers used in formulations containing pigments, desiccants, chromium lead stabilizer paints, etc.


Use arsenic or organic arsenic to make pesticide residues


Wastewater treatment sludge for the manufacture, formulation and loading of lead-based detonators


Wastewater treatment sludge for manufacturing chrome yellow and chrome orange pigments


Wastewater treatment sludge for manufacturing molybdenum orange pigment


Wastewater treatment sludge for manufacturing zinc yellow pigment


Wastewater treatment sludge for manufacturing chrome green pigment


Wastewater treatment sludge produced by chromium oxide green pigment (aqueous and anhydrous)


Wastewater treatment sludge from iron blue pigment manufacturing


Oven residue made from chrome oxide green pigment


Floats in the petroleum refining industry


Heat exchanger cleaning sludge in petroleum refining industry


Sludge from oil-water separation equipment in petroleum refining industry


Residues at the bottom of leaded refined oil storage tanks in petroleum refining industry


Ammonia distillation tower sludge for coking


Dust or sludge for emission control of Fe-Cr alloy manufacturing process


Dust or sludge for emission control of FeCrSi alloy manufacturing


Dust or sludge for discharge control of lead, nickel, mercury, cadmium and copper secondary smelting


Mud or sludge discharged from a thickening acid plant for the production of virgin copper


Residues or sludge from recycling of mercurycontaining waste


Acidic waste liquid or sludge generated from waste recycling


Wastewater treatment sludge made by electroplating


Wastewater treatment sludge of aluminum chemical conversion coating process


Mercury and its compounds (total mercury)


Lead and its compounds (total lead)


Cadmium and its compounds (cadmium lead)


Chromium and its compounds (total chromium) (excluding waste skin powder, dander and skin pieces produced by the process of manufacturing or using animal leather)


Hexavalent chromium compound


Arsenic and its compounds (cadmium arsenic)


Copper and its compounds (total copper) (only waste catalyst, dust collection ash, waste liquid, sludge, filter material, incineration fly ash or bottom slag)

Solidification process

Do not risk anything. REMONDIS is the certified partner to collect your hazardous and industrial waste.

REMONDIS Taiwan Co., Ltd.