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With our more than 110 employees in whole Taiwan, we are accepting resource recyclables and waste all the way from Kaohsiung to Taipei. In addition to our head office in Taipei, we serve customers from all regions in our plastic recycling plant in Nantou and our industrial service plant in Taoyuan.

REMONDIS' business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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1. About us  
REMONDIS Taiwan is offering high-quality services in the fields of plastic recycling and industrial service since 1996. With more than 110 employees in 3 locations, REMONDIS Taiwan is now one of…

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2. Blog  
Heavy metals play a crucial part in the success of Taiwan’s economy, with the electronics and semiconductor industry relying on them heavily in their processes. Normally, firms would try to reuse…

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3. REMONDIS Taiwan  
REMONDIS is Germany’s largest recycling company and committed to the development of Taiwan’s environmental protection. With our activities plastic recycling and industrial service, we help making…

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4. Image credits  
Image credits for the website The following provides a list of image credits for the photos and images used on our website. They have been listed in the order they appear in…

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5. Imprint  
Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy and Cookies Authorized representatives: Chairman: Silvio Löderbusch General Manager: Jim Tai Tax identification…

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6. Brochures and certificates  
Well informed As we are constantly developing our business, we like to publish information about our company to keep people up to date with our latest news. Why not take a look at our download…

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7. Plastic Recycling  
To find out more about our plastic recycling in Europe, you can also visit us here In the heart of Taiwan, in Nantou County, we have located our Nantou Plastic Recycling Plant. The central…

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8. Industrial Service  
When we started our industrial service business in Taiwan, we were the first company to introduce the hazardous waste solidification technology to Taiwan. With our plant in Taoyuan, we have the…

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9. Market Development  
At REMONDIS Taiwan, we are convinced that the energy transition to renewable energy sources can only succeed when all renewable energy sources are contributing their power optimally and…

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10. Work for us!  
Working at REMONDIS Taiwan Environmental protection and recycling are our passion for more than 25 years now. We are proud of our team of passionate and loyal colleagues who made that happen. With a…

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