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With our more than 110 employees in whole Taiwan, we are accepting resource recyclables and waste all the way from Kaohsiung to Taipei. In addition to our head office in Taipei, we serve customers from all regions in our plastic recycling plant in Nantou and our industrial service plant in Taoyuan.

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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The Latest Articles

Co-existing with Biogas - 2022/06/10

Can you guess what connects carbon footprint reduction, clean energy production, and agriculture at the same time?
The answer is a biogas plant which looks like a tank with a round roof!

What is a biogas plant? First of all, we would like to introduce you how a biogas plant system works.
A biogas plant system includes four parts: input collection, anaerobic fermentation, biogas utilization, and fertilizer utilization.


Solidifying the Industry: A heavy task! - 2022/05/13

Heavy metals play a crucial part in the success of Taiwan’s economy, with the electronics and semiconductor industry relying on them heavily in their processes. Normally, firms would try to reuse these useful metals by separating them from the industrial waste. But what happens if that is no longer possible?

This is where the Taoyuan plant comes in. While the REMONDIS Taiwan Nantou plant gives post-consumer plastics a second life by transforming waste into recycled material, the Taoyuan plant provides a final solution for waste which has exhausted its reuse potential by stabilizing and sealing the hazardous elements within them for good. In this post, we look at industrial waste management in REMONDIS Taiwan, the history behind the Taoyuan plant, and the processes involved to make everything happen.  


How these little flakes can help boilers to reduce their carbon emissions? - 2022/04/08

Do these flakes look valuable to you? Or do they just look like trash to you? Yeah, they somehow do…
Well, we call them SRF (solid recovered fuel) and actually, these flakes are an important key to reaching our climate targets all around the world.
So indeed, they are quite valuable. Let us explain how. We guarantee that you are going to be surprised! 


The heart of Taiwan, the heart of plastic recycling - 2022/03/11

Introduction of the Nantou plant

Situated at the middle of Taiwan, Nantou is a county renowned for its natural beauty. Also located in this environment is where we base our main operations. Through the recycling process of the Nantou plant, REMONDIS Taiwan reuses post-consumer plastics, transforming them from an environmental liability into a valuable resource for countless applications.

In this post, we look at REMONDIS’ first forage into sustainability in Taiwan: The history it accompanies, the processes involved, and the products produced.  



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